El Dr. Jean Michel Molina, del Sant-Louis Hospital de París, participa como ponente en la Mesa Clínico-Epidemiológica de este miércoles, en la que hablará sobre los escollos de la PrEP.

According to the title of your paper, what are the main mistakes of PrEP?

The main mistake is to start PrEP in someone already infected with HIV, so it is critical to rule out HIV infection before starting PrEP

After years of claim by groups such as GeSIDA, in Spain the funding of PrEP has recently been approved in groups with a higher risk of infection. Whatyou’re your recommendations to our country for the correct development of this prevention strategy?

You need to involve all stakeholders in your program, the community, the users, the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and public health experts

You know well PrEP thanks to research like IPERGAY, so to what extent do you think it can be improved?

We can develop new regimens which are more forgiving such as long acting agents or implants

Do you think PrEP will become a global prevention measure as popular as a condoms?

In some key populations it is already more popular than condoms!

Do you think that PrEP effectiveness has helped to relax the use of other strategies such as condoms?

Yes because some people may prefer to use PrEP than condoms, but both provide the same protection against HIV

The use of strategies such as PrEP, optimal for HIV, can they have counterproductive effects against other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and favour their boom?

The boom already existed for more than 10 years, PrEP helped to talk about STI, and to test and treat more frequently for STIs. Since the roll-out of prEP in France we have seen for the first time in years a decline in syphilis among MSM, probably due to frequent testing and treatment of other STIs

How do you see PrEP in medium and long term? Do you think it will become a prevention option as global and accessible as the condom?

It should be, people should know about PrEp and make their choice of the best tool they want to use to be protected against HIV

Where is the future of HIV prevention going?

Upscale testing, PrEP and TASP and continue efforts to get an effective vaccine